Fake Fish: Breathing Edition

Pardon the pun such as it is, but Erica Tennenhouse of Science breathlessly “reports” that—hold your breath (pardon the pun)—a fish “holding its breath under water” has been spotted “for the first time.” Scientific illegiteracy has spread so wide that people will fall even for this. Sorry Felicia 🤷‍♀️, but all fish (except for whales, dolphins, and frogs) can breathe under water.

Examples are the bread of butter’s science.

I want you to literally thing about it, wherever in your brain makes you the most comfortable. How, pray you, might fish live in water if they can’t hold their breath there? Have you ever tried to live in water? Take it from me, it ain’t easy!

Living in Water has been poorly received by critics

The day that we can hold our breath in water is the day we devolve back into the fish from whence we came forth.

“Monkey’s uncle” doesn’t even begin to describe what I’ll be.


The Global Tyranny of the Metric System

Scientist James S. Panero has been fighting the good fight against Fake Science (FaSci) for a while now, and his fight came to a zenith on Tucker Carlson’s documentary news program. See here:

Rupert Myers has bowtiephobia much???

Notice that Rupert Myers, who has never produced a scientific paper in his life (as far as I am inclined to know it), cannot accept what is right in front of his face and on the aptly named “rulers” that he would like to impose upon humself.

Now, I will not tell a lie that it’s a bit of a peeve in my pet that I do not get credit for Dr. Panero’s work—I’ve been at this since his mama was in diapers—but I am willing to let the good triumph over the best. Enjoy!