Jordan Bernt Peterson is QAnon––or is he?

Get Bernt. That’s right. Heard of it? QAnon is the latest reason why the mainstream computers are hiding the government’s secrets.

Ever since Alexa Jones got the booted from YouTube and Google for her many shanigans, it got me thinking: why not me? Will the Journal of WordPress forever tolerate my challenging of science and maths?

It is not coincidence that only right now is QAnon above the surface. Just here here for an example:

Moreover, you can read mainstream news websites about QAnon, like here, with my very own Anderson Cooper.

Think of it: A shadowy source that is telling the truth to the young men? Sounds familiar. Try on this for size:

It is now my belief that Jordan Peterson is one of the anonymous Qs. You heard it here, first and last (they won’t say it).

You may think this is silly, but play with me for but a moment’s notice. Peterson specializes in archetypes, archetypes of the Jungian variety. An archetype, you ask, is any person, place, thing, or idea, that appears in the Bible. Next, we notice that “QAnon” is a clever alternate spelling of “qanun,” the exotic saxophone of Turkey:

Now, remember with me Jordan Peterson’s identity politics: he is a citizen of Canada. Welp (and it’s a big welp this time folks), take a gander at the Literary Review of Canada, in an article called “Revisiting a Powerful Myth,” by someone allegedly named “Ray Conlogue.” Behold Exhibit A:

The crusade of the children is certainly what Carl Jung would have called an archetype, a potent meme embodying one of the existential dilemmas of human consciousness. In this case, it would be the absurd but inextinguishable hope that our children will become the perfected humans that we have failed to be. Only through them can we reach heaven, or Jerusalem: that place where evil is conquered by youthful faith and not by the polluted hands of adults, which seem always to lead to the trenches of the First World War or the cells of Abu Ghraib.

Do you see Carl Jung? Now, behold Exhibit B:

The peregrinatio puerorum (crusade of the children) has inspired two new major works. Gary Dickson, an American medievalist who has taught in Edinburgh since 1974, wrote The Children’s Crusade: Medieval History, Modern Mythistory as a scholarly rebalancing of what we know and do not know about the tale and its power over us. It is a welcome in-depth study of an underserved topic. The other, composer R. Murray Schafer’s Children’s Crusade, is a music drama that attempts nothing less than to evoke the transcendental experience of the children. To this end it employs choirs of Latin-singing angels, medieval bells (called crotales), lutes, recorders and an Arabic instrument called the qanun, which conjures the children’s hoped-for destination.

Do you see the qanun, AKA QAnon? And what is it, pray tell, that Jordan Peterson––Canadian–– specializes in? Is it not evoking the transcendental experience of the children?

Every good scientist knows you can’t have a theory without a framework, and you can’t have a framework without parameters and statements. So what are my parameters and statements?

  1. Jordan B. Peterson is QAnon
  2. QAnon is a Deep State transcendental device to create experiences in young men
  3. Young men are (these days) children. (Peterson says this himself, in rare admissions!)
  4. Jordan B. Peterson is a Deep State transcendental device to create experiences in children.