Science defeated by Gary Gutting in NYT

The New York Times has published a study by Dr. Gary Gutting, PhD, that shows that most science is pretty much inaccurate and misleading. Readers of this blog already know this, but it’s good to see it in a (slightly) more mainstream venue.

Gary also links to excellent work by Pub Med.

Peter Woit, Matt Strassler, and Jester on dark matter

Readers know quite well that I have carefully deconstructed the pseudo-scientific belief in dark matter timeless time after timeless time again (here and here).

It is important to remember that I am not the only one who is capable of doing this. I stand shoulder-to-shoulder with other giants, e.i. Columbia’s flagship mathematician, Peter Woit, who destroys dark matter here. Peter himself links to two others, Jester and Matt Strassler.

I have officially lost count of the nails in the seas of coffins of dark matter, like finding a needle in the sands on the seashore.