Utilizers on Reddit attempt (poorly and badly) to refute my demonstrations regarding infinity

A decade or so ago, I demonstrated using basic maths that infinity doesn’t exist. AKA: there aren’t infinite anything, including numbers. In later work, this combined with my demolition of the concept of negative numbers. See the ruins here. Together we get my unique, customary systems of maths, contained within my number line. I call this the “countable numbers” model of maths:


As you can see, and are seeing with your eyes even now, the beginning number is “zero” and the final number (no puns) is “Penultimate.” (PLEASE don’t add confusions: my demonstration that there is no “0mph” is about “zero” in a PARTICULAR CONTEXT, AKA: speed, not “zero” in GENERAL.)

Anyways, this evening or yesterday I opened my statistics, to track how many people are reading my studies. To my horror I found that only 1,759 people had read my studies on December 23rd (which falls between Chanukah and Easter). I asked myself how this could be, and I found the answer: all of my traffic was reduced and directed to THIS. <—That is a thread on a website called “Reddit,” which I think is a place where people mainly attack Anita Sarkisian and talk to al Qaeda. The last place to try to steal my pageviews was RationalWiki, a well-known troll blog for Richard Dawkins. (I personally believe there could be a connection. Both Dawkins and al Qaeda have incorrect stances on disability, plus they appear on Reddit?)

My ultimate (<–ok, pun!) point here is that 1,759 is much smaller than the fictional number “infinity.” So the utilizers of Reddit have fallen far, vastly shorter than showing wrong my demonstrations above.

[Please contact me in the comments with any errors, as this post deals with highly sensitive maths material obviously.]