Biography and Purpose


Welcome to the greatest and most interesting blog on the Internet!

I am a perpetual student of the sciences and mathematics and spent most of my time during the last several years at Caffetto House, but I am excited to depart to (the) California/UCLA (region). I occasionally teach other subjects at local schools, and so math/science is more like an obsessive hobby than my official subject. Certain people look down their noses upon local institutions, but they will here be vanquished. However, the views in this blog do not represent any of the institutions I have worked for. I am inspired especially by coming from a family with ancestors who were influential in science, especially physics.


Science and Math Defeated (SMD) is dedicated to the critical exploration of contemporary science and mathematics. Following in the tradition of the real Enlightenment, I engage in truth-telling where scholarship has been lacking. While the views expressed here are not always in accord with mainstream academia, the views are nevertheless correct.

If you want to know my influences, please note the links on the main page. But in terms of mathematicians and scientists in particular, I would say that my biggest influences and heroes are Richard Dawkins, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Bill Dembski, Renes Descartes, Buckminster Fuller, Lyndon LaRouche, and David Berlinski. That gives a pretty good smattering.


People persistently ask me about the subtitle of SMD – Felis sum et ad furandum veni. I can’t count on one hand how many times I’ve been asked this. But frankly I am not interested in doing other people’s homework. Some idiots at the Thorn Tree Travel Forum couldn’t for all their geekiness figure it out. Yet, a punk Undergrad I challenged translated it in roughly three seconds. Just goes to show you. So, if you want to know what the subtitle means, get any standard Latin dictionary, any standard grammar, or ask a scholar, and figure it out.

P.S. Thank you to you know who you are, for editing and proofing.

58 thoughts on “Biography and Purpose

  1. This blog is very original but I wish there were more frequent posts! Are you okay Noted Scholar? Maybe working on some exciting writing projects??

  2. At last, after long years of searching, I have found the greatest and most interesting blog on the internet.

    I will now undergo the ritual cleansing and await the final trumpet.

  3. “I engage in truth-telling where scholarship has been lacking. While the views expressed here are not always in accord with mainstream academia, the views are nevertheless correct.”

    Wow. “Truth-telling,” huh?

    He’s a phrase you might want to learn. “The more I learn in life, the more I realize how little I know.”

    This will take decades for you to understand.

  4. As a scholar, you should already have realized that all truth and “scholarity”, specially in this age, is based on reference and reputation. Without a name, you have none.

  5. Dear notedanonymous,

    It is is well-known that “scholarity” [sic] is threatened by association with popular forums. Also, reference and reputation are perhaps elusive in the short-term, but it is the quality of work that secures one in the pantheon.


  6. Thank you for the work that you do, it is very important and inspirational to me. I like the website tv tropes.

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  8. “Dear hello:

    How you got ‘passed’ the filter I’ll never know. What is this supposed to be?


    A person would think that a teacher or instructor at any level of academia would know the difference between ‘passed’ and ‘past’.


  9. Dear notedscholar

    You describe yourself as a student and occasional teacher. I describe myself as a student. The good thing about being a student is being able to ask questions of those with knowledge and receive an answer that furthers my knowledge.
    I think you fail as a teacher because you don’t want to share your knowledge. I am referring to your section above titled “The Subtitle”. I would like to know what your subtitle “Felis sum et ad furandum veni” means and it appears that it is above you to tell me.
    After reading your “Biography and Purpose” I am left a little confused, you haven’t introduced yourself nor have you given any credence to your qualifications to call yourself “notedscholar”. Who and what are you?



  10. Hi Spencer Collins. I desire not to contribute to sordid occupations, such as sex trafficking and Internet stalking. This is why I will not give you my address, as you request.

    You say you want to know what the subtitle means. Yet, I have written it in an intelligible language, with correct syntax and diction. I think what you are really saying is: “I am too lazy to learn Latin.”


  11. Myrmidon,

    Please forgive me seventy times for forgetting to answer your question. I am a very large fan of Paul’s. In fact, I once audited a class co-taught by him and Bath Van Fraiser (sp?), a colleague who also denies the truth of contemporary mainstream science.


  12. As a learned student of Latin, I thought I’d point out a potential error in your subtitle.

    Felis should be in the nominative (feles), as it’s role should be the subject complement of the linking kernel. The genitive case use of that noun here doesn’t make a terrible amount of sense.

    It is slightly baffling to me that people have such difficulty with the sentence. Any first semester Latin student should possess the knowledge to translate it appropriately.

    The efforts made on the board you linked were quite sad. But perhaps the number of people who care at all about learning a dead language is simply diminishing.

  13. My Latin has been vetted by one of the best Latin scholars in the country. However, it is best that I don’t reveal his name, because he doesn’t want his association with a radical research project to threaten his tenure. As you may know, tenure committees can be rather closed in the head.

    However, I agree with you that it is baffling that trolls on the Internet have difficulty with the Latin. But then, that’s what trolls are, kids who don’t know Latin.

    Thanks for stopping by.


  14. Don’t you mean felix, “lucky”, not felis, “of a cat”? But I do like your gerundive of purpose there, even if you’ve changed the conjugation from third to first.

  15. Secrecy is not good for knowledge, or “enlightenment”, as notedscholar calls it.
    I suspect that he put it here just so he could say we were wrong when we gave the translation, but in its current form, it means “The cat and I have come to steal”.

  16. NotedScholar, this is either the best collection of satire i have ever read, or the largest collection of idiotic rambling it is my pleasure to insult.

  17. My vote is ‘idiotic rambling’ but I came here looking for a connection between Lyndon LaRouche and Ludwig Wittgenstein, pretty rediculous in itself. At LaRouche Democrat is running against a far right-wing Republican for Congress in my district. Politics has beome insane.

    You harp on Latin but do you understand why the speakers of Vulgate had to move beyond Latin and invent a new lanuage Italian to express the meaning they found within their own lives? People can reinvent themselves within a few years to accomdate new circumstances in their lives; cities get reinvented in a few hundred years; languages about a thousand years.They are all self orgainizing systems. If you want to challenge the prevailing economic or political systems you must do it on the level of how language is used to reinforce the fuindimental assumptions of those systems.

    Latin, German and English are excellent languages for expressing the facts of objective reality, but that isn’t the only kind of reality; that is left-brain dominance in the perception of reality. Latin is good for keeping order by imposing a “rule of law” defined by the ruling elite. The Tractatus expresses the foundations of those languages.

    The Philosphical Investigations captures the way creatures of a “life-form” communicate with each other to play a game defined by their own rules in a potentially harsh context. In the case of Italian, it was domination by Roman soldiers, the Roman Church, capture by Alric and warring among themselves. Words were overlaid with multiple nuances so they could speak metaphorically to each other without exciting wrath from outsiders. All those I’s, Z’s, C’s and T’s are a code embedded in the symbols of their language so they can tell each other ‘I trust you’ and ‘I love you’ without raising suspicions, the linguistic equivalent of oxytocin.

    If anyone is interested I could elaborate on how this applies to LaRouche videos.

  18. Dear Sir:

    Tell me if this is correct: in the big picture, the theory of evolution of new species of life is composed of two ideas:

    1, Random mutation

    2. Natural selection

    Life forms randomly change, random means unpredictable, and change means to become from one kind of life species to another kind of life species; so a fish can change into a — just for example — in the course of time through several series of changes into a reptile.

    But by natural selection a species can and does become stabilized, i.e. it no longer changes, because the law in nature dictates that as it becomes fit for prolonged indefinite duration in the same species form it will in a way freeze in its latest change which is the one wherein it is fit for prolonged indefinite duration, in effect resistant to further mutation. That is called natural selection.

    My question to the proponents of this theory: Don’t they have the assumption that random mutation is subservient to the law of natural selection as understood above; so that there is no inexorability of random mutation continuing on and on and on so that no stable species at all will ever come about?

    But the fact is that when a species changes into one that can survive In nature in its last mutation, it becomes immune or resistant to further random mutations; in which case it is no longer random mutation prevailing in nature, but what I might call optimum mutation.

    What is your comment to my thinking?

    Marius Dejess

  19. Undead,

    I am tired of people trying to undermine me by saying “Oh this must be satire.” It seems like anyone who offers a non-standard view in a non-standard forum gets accused of this these days. Imagine if we had treated Newton the same way? And would Brian Greene like to be treated this way?

    Thank you for your time,

  20. Farv,

    I have been burned too many times by conspiracy theorists like you. They assume that just because we both offer alternative theories, that I will accept them. While LaRouche does some work, and Wittgenstein did too, that doesn’t mean I agree with you, Farv.


  21. The scholars in the days of yore wouldn’t be mocked as you are because they didn’t hide behind a SMUG MASK OF ANONIMITY!!!

  22. Zombie man,

    You’re quite right about one thing…. they weren’t anonymous. But that’s because they didn’t have the internet. As for mockery they WERE mocked.


  23. Noted- well known, or famous.
    Scholar- one with an aptitude for study, or knowledge in a particular area.
    You fit neither definition, you idiot.

  24. Dear Inscrotable,

    Thank you for your financial and other support for my efforts. Please know that we are doing the best to help me make more posts! However it is hard with the schedule.


  25. Dear NS is a Daft Ninny,

    I notice that you have been using my initials in your own name, taking advantage of my own name and prestige just so that people will read your comments. It won’t work. It isn’t working. It hasn’t worked in the past. And I am not intimated.


  26. My pseudonym is not intended to draw attention or intimidate you. It is intended as an insult…You Daft Ninny.

  27. I love them, although I suspect NS doesn’t, as one of his antagonists is one. See angleplume.

  28. I also like cats. I wonder if NS could be persuaded to have some cat photos or videos on this site. It may make it more friendly. It may possibly make more sense. The Latin message seems to involve a cat which is interesting. Is this what you were alluding to, Arrested Development?

  29. In an earlier comment, you accused my of using you initials to take advantage of your prestige. What prestige are you referring to?

  30. I notice that your math “proofs” use no math at all. This approach works about as well as reviewing a book without using words, and would have no impact if presented to a professional in the field.

  31. The author is weird, but his Latin is flawless. His subtitle means simply, “I am a cat, and I have come to steal,” or, more exactly, “have come to catch prey.” Don’t know what it’s supposed to mean, though.

  32. Dear NS

    Do you like cats? There is an interesting subject of cats in science e.g. Einstein’s cat, Muffintop and his role in calming Einstein’s thought process. 87% of important ‘Tier 1’ scientists had cats. Lesser scientists did not. Alfred von Brugel. who posited that protons were composed of dairy products grew marrows instead of keeping cats. He was later found wandering the streets of Vienna dressed as Joan of Arc.

    Do you have a cat? Does it help you maintain a calm thought process?
    Kind Regards

  33. Arnold Ribbenbaum showed promise in his tangential theories on Uncertainty. However, he chose not to have a cat but to grow types of mushroom instead as a hobby. Sadly, in his later years this once promising scientist was arrested for frightening ducks while dressed as Eleanor Roosevelt and carrying a bucket of custard.

    I think this is a warning to all serious scientists about the dangers of not having a cat.

  34. Scientists who had cats
    Albert Einstein
    Niels Bohr
    Isaac Newton

    Scientists who did not have cats
    Emile Schnell – theory that Time is influenced by concrete
    Gustav Fleischmann – theory that atoms are subject to the motion of goblins
    Frederik Von Deitsche – theory that plant seeds are distributed by Sociologists
    Karl Mayer – thesis that vegetables form exclusive social groups according to length of root hair

    I implore serious scientists to get a cat.

  35. I would call this guy a pseudo-intellectual, but he is not faking it very well. In short, if you are looking for an illustration of the difference between rational scepticism and, what ever this is, I don’t even know where I going with this. Anyway, there are a number of great scientists dismissed as bumpkins in their time. That being said, most people who hold crazy views, just hold crazy views. This person does not appear to be an exception. This person also clearly has a lot of time on their hands, which I recommend they spend more on things like, say, a big nootropic stack, trans-cranial direct current stimulation, the dual n-back working memory task, and, lets see if he gets this one, playing duck hunt. Now, as for playing duck hunt, anyone who does not know what obscure thing that is supposed to do, I say you are lazy and ignorant, and I feel a huge, very unjustified superiority stiffie coming on.

  36. Oh, I just read one of Noted Scholar’s more interesting replies.
    ‘I’m referring to the prestige that I have. Numerous followers on Twitter, for example.’
    Ok, NS, I would like to think that nobody who got into university could possibly be that stupid, so I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you were joking, very tired, or intoxicated when you wrote that reply. Perhaps something slipped your mind when you answered a comment with this in it: ‘take advantage of your prestige. What prestige are you referring to?’ by first stating: ‘I’m referring to the prestige that I have.’, which only re-states part of the question. Upon deciding to back this claim up by referring to your numerous followers on twitter, you provided all the evidence needed for people to assume you are stupid.

    So, Noted Scholar(By noted, I assume you mean: ‘Oh, that nut-job.’), If you really believe what you post here, I find it a little unlikely you posses very high levels of intellect. If, however, the traffic to this site makes you any money, then you really are a genius.

  37. Dear notedscholar,
    Your ideas on mathematics amuse me in their defiance of common sense, and everything we know about the universe that isn’t in some book written thousands of years ago. I also think your pseudonym hilarious because you are neither noteworthy, nor scholarly.

  38. According to a translator, the subtitle means, “I have come to steal gas”. Absolutely brilliant latin notedscholar. Also do not bother to ask me for sources or credentials, since you seem very reluctant to provide these when asked.

  39. Very funny, Mr. notedscholar = notedloser. Except there is one problem with your hypothesi. It is: FALSE. As in, zero points! As in: Error message to end all messages. As in: NO.


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