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14 thoughts on “Contact

  1. finally, someone with some common sense. all of your theories are correct. but i wouldn’t waste too much time trying to convince the brainwashed masses to use their common sense. email me, maybe we can talk about some of your theories.

  2. However intriguing your blog may be, you sound silly when you use complex words that you don’t understand. “a penultimate amount of spam”? Really? How can I take you seriously when you write things like that. Please look up the definition of penultimate. You should have just written “a large amount of spam”.

  3. Dear Next to Last,

    Your comment is sad, just sad. Please, will you, read my posts on this topic? I have a post on Infinity (part one) where I discuss this issue, just this issue you raise.


  4. There is a problem in America where people like you who are supposed to be in a mental institution is not in a mental institution.

  5. Haha, well, either I should be a reporter or a spy, or, if I am not a reporter or a spy, “Insider” should be “Inside”.

    Yes, I sincerely think you should be institutionalised.

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  7. I’m surprised I didn’t find this blog earlier, given how ridiculous the commentary both on it and about it is. Still, it’s refreshing to know that whoever’s writing this blog is more sane than the “Time Cube” guy, if only marginally so.

  8. You forgot to factor in quantum crane kick variables in your explanation of myaweathers ninjitsu. Also many of mcgregors angles in that fight were the result of refraction not gassing.

  9. Please for the love of any God or Gods there are, tell me this is satire so I don’t completely lose my faith in humanity

  10. Hey Lev. You’re right that you shouldn’t have faith in humanity (too many errors in reasoning), but I do try to be funny on this site! Glad you find it amusing, but I hope you see the serious points I make too.

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