NASA screws up again, reaches apogee of uselessness

First, a brief history of the space program: As readers of this blog will know well, the Apollo 1 astronauts, like Benazir Bhutto, Heath Ledger, Michael Jackson, and most recently Ted Kennedy, are dead. NASA said it wanted to send them to the moon, but instead they died. Next, NASA tried to kill the Apollo 13 astronauts, who have been immortalized in several conspiratorial Tom Hanks movies. More recently, NASA blew up the Challenger, and for a twofer blew up Columbia.

So it should come as no surprise that NASA recently embarked on an abstruse failed mission to blow up the moon. As explained by Discover Magazine, none of the objectives were achieved. We just incinerated billions of dollars on the surface of an uninhabitable planet (by any relevant standard the moon is a planet).  Stephen Hawking has read too many J.R.R. Martin novels; we will never colonize the moon. It was ridiculous anyway for “scientists” to think we could find water in outer space. Outer space is a vacuum, and water is a thing.

As Cicero says to his inamorata, Artemis, “a vacuo abhorret aqua, equo ne credite.”