Losers at RationalWiki want a piece of my pageviews

Look at this. Apparently thinking they haven’t been discredited enough, the unorganized hate fest oxymoronically called Rational Wiki have put up a hit job on me. As you can see, it’s not gaining any steam. There are apparently a record number of gutless users who “vote” for my blog, but no one is willing to reveal themselves. Not surprising.

The moral of the story is: if you can’t take the heat, set up your own closed Internet society. In fact, take a page from Orwell and call it rational.

I assume that the real reason for the failed attempt on my credibility is my ever-blossoming pageviews, now fast approaching 20,000. A huge percentage of the math/science blogging audience, possibly over 100%.

Lastly, to repeat last post, sorry I haven’t written in so long. I’ve been swamped with transitioning to the new semester. Those of us associated with community colleges tend to focus more on actually teaching and learning than we do on furthering our own careers through so-called “research,” which is all-too-often a code word for bullshit.