Recoiling in intellectual revulsion

Recently I’ve been somewhat demoralized by the intellectual poverty on display throughout the web. It’s getting beyond my ability to keep up with it – i.e., namely, with the intellectual impoverishment. That godforsaken Science Blog website flourishes, where they pay hacks to boldly come out and defend the consensus that everyone accepts anyway. William Dembski just keeps deleting comments that make him weary over at the Panda’s Descent blog, or whatever they are calling it now. And don’t get me started on so-called “global cooling,” which is not a viable alternative to the standard dribbling lunacy.

Where is the wise man? Where is the scholar? Where is the scientist of this age? I have defeated them thus far. Who is left? I assume my readers are familiar with vast corners of the Internet where there are worthy opponents. Where are they? Please hyperlink them to me.


William Dembski’s estrogen level exceeds 800 lb/ml

So William Dembski – in addition to histrionically closing discussion after my simple yet devastating objection to his ego-maniacal self-praise made him “weary” – has now deleted my comment altogether on The Panda’s Thumb. Several individuals, including Mr. Tomato Guy, have asked for the original comment. Although my victory over Dembski is now being trumpeted throughout the scientific community, I’ll post it here for posterity.



11:39 am

Not to burst your bubbles, but this isn’t actually a pro-ID article. It’s more about math than anything else.


Lastly, a video about Dembski becoming “weary”:

William Dembski can’t handle the truth

Go see over at the Panda’s Thumb where my very, very simple objection to Dembski’s theories makes him go totally berserk and shut off all comments for the blog. Talk about a lack of an open mind.

Why does he claim he shuts them off? Because he is “weary.” In addition to being very womanly [this annoys him because he is a Republican, not because women are bad – it is a major insult to women in fact to be so compared], this response to me shows how Dembski absolutely hates peer-review. They always act like they want peer-review, but when they get an actual peer (me) to review them, their brains shut off. Amazing.

You can’t make this stuff up.


Losers at RationalWiki want a piece of my pageviews

Look at this. Apparently thinking they haven’t been discredited enough, the unorganized hate fest oxymoronically called Rational Wiki have put up a hit job on me. As you can see, it’s not gaining any steam. There are apparently a record number of gutless users who “vote” for my blog, but no one is willing to reveal themselves. Not surprising.

The moral of the story is: if you can’t take the heat, set up your own closed Internet society. In fact, take a page from Orwell and call it rational.

I assume that the real reason for the failed attempt on my credibility is my ever-blossoming pageviews, now fast approaching 20,000. A huge percentage of the math/science blogging audience, possibly over 100%.

Lastly, to repeat last post, sorry I haven’t written in so long. I’ve been swamped with transitioning to the new semester. Those of us associated with community colleges tend to focus more on actually teaching and learning than we do on furthering our own careers through so-called “research,” which is all-too-often a code word for bullshit.

To my readers: Sorry for the delay

Dear Students,

This has been my longest absence from the blogosphere in months. To make a long story short: heavy courseload. But with the holidays over (I celebrate more than one!) and the new semester beginning, I should be back at it very, very soon. Hopefully Saturday.

And sorry there wasn’t a New Years or Chanukah post in the way there was a Christmas post. So much for equal time!

In the meantime, check out this relatively new and very well-priced astronomy book, perfect for both lay and scholarly people.


My first guest post!

Mr. Subramaniam over at World Through Coloured Glasses invited me to write a guest post on his blog. His requested topic was “technology.” (No, not the Scientologist kind!) An interesting topic, not one I have written on before. I got to begin developing some of my ideas on, for example, the Internet and Wikipedia, and the implications they have for society, culture, and humans.

So you can read my guest post here. Any responses should probably be on his blog, not mine!