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I am now updating my scientific results onto Buzzfeed, which even has a science branch. You can see my buzz here. You may remember well that this was one of my very first proofs.


Philosophy psychos steal my identity to covet my pageviews

Those who have read me for decade(s) will have read that once upon a time, a boring site of pseudosmartsbots called “RationalWiki” (nope) tried to steal my pageviews. Well, sorry to say that it is happening again with the stalkers. My blog is getting links from a “philosophy” blog that I comment on weeks ago for once or twice or so – the “Philosophy Meta Meta Meta Blog.” I have also had one or two more engagements recently with self-proclaimed philosophers: everybody remember my refutation of David Wallace on probability. And my intervention into the growing controversies in sciences (and philosophies) with Jean-Yves Beziau and others. I almost have never corrected philosophies. Yet these people are too hot for the fire, and they can’t melt it. Instead, they steal it. And they are mudding up old things of me – like my refutations of maths blogs or my positive spin on Lyndon Larouche. Stalkers are as stalkers do!

Everybody who is everybody is knowing that I comment in the blogs as “notedscholar”: my tongue and cheek attack on the evil obsession of prestige in sciences and maths. But somebody is making all kinds of horse hay with my identity and similar identities on posts like this and this.

I am not understand the places I just linkified. People seem crazy, like they are on many drugs heard of and unheard of. But I ask that identities remain everyone’s own. Mine is not yours. Yours is not theirs. Most important of all: theirs is not me.


Who – foretell? – is stealing me? My guesses include this “David Wallace” character, since he is the only philosopher to beef with me. But it is shooting inside the dark, and I do not know how to prove this like I prove so many other things on this blog. Please contact me on my contact page if you are in possession of any notions about this incident (gone wild). I will now go leave a “comment” on the Philosophy Meta Meta Meta Blog to correct the many, many disturbances of record.


Why is whoever stealing me? Like with RationalWiki, I think it is to get my pageviews. You can see on my blog that I have a lot. Other blogs and people do not have these numbers. If there were an infinity – as you know by now that is a false if – I would have it, and they would not.

My exchange with Avram Chomsky

In recent times, I asked Avram (“Ave” for short):

Greetings, Professor Avram Chomsky. I am finding myself wondering: how does losing one’s ability in, say, a second-language affect (if at all), one’s memories of conversations one had in that language? Perhaps in your journeys in linguistics you have not discovered this answer, but I did not know who else to ask.

Nikolay Sokolov
Blog: https://sciencedefeated.wordpress.com/

He replied:

Interesting question, but I’ve never seen any study of it.

This shows that my investigations have vexed even the greatest minds of our times and places! I try not to boast on this blog, but sometimes the going gets hard! I think you’d do the same!

Mission Accomplished: Jonathan Krohn is no longer a hoax

A few years back, me here at S&MD demonstrated that Jonathan Krohn is hoax. See the studies posted here and here. Well, according to both Politco and Huffingtonpost, Krohn yielded to the moral pressure exerted by my campaign. Granted, he is saving face by referring to his hoax as a matter of “naive[ness]”. But I’m still pleased.

This also verifies my conditional claim, expounded in the second study above: If Jonathan is not a hoax, then he has Chatterbox Syndrome. Since Krohn is a hoax, the anti-cedent of my conditional is false. Now, it is an axiom of human rationality that if the anti-cedent of a conditional statement is false, then the conditional as a whole is true. So: my statement has now been empirically verified.

Science and Math Defeated scholarship for excellence in the sciences and maths?

I’ve been thinking about humanity recently and wondering: should I host an essay contest, for best path-breaking essay in the sciences or maths? The prize could include recognition on my blog, alongside a cash prize. It would almost certainly be modest, but nothing to sneeze at, perhaps $50 and a well-constructed certificate. After all, I do not (yet) have institutional support. I was looking at this “Fastweb” website and wondering also if I could post it on there, but I don’t know the rules! I will perhaps investigate this, but I just wanted to throw the idea out there.

Back to posting

Thank you for your letters and other missives while I was away. I have now fully recovered. My chiropractor successfully reduced the dopamines in my metalimbic pathway, and I’m feeling serene. In fact, with my new appetite I’ve been gorging on Omega 3’s, no matter what the lipids people say.

The first step will be to respond to the hundreds upon tens of comments left during my absence. While the cat is away, the mice commit many logical fallacies.