Heinrich Hertz and the failures of natural science

Today Google is celebrating the 155th birthday of Heinrich Hertz. Never mind that the poor fellow is dead (!).

According to the Christian Scientist Monitor, Hertz (no relation to Heinrich Himmler, who did not like Hertz very much) is responsible for revealing the “invisible world.” Devoted (really devoted) readers of this blog will recall that I’ve taken on this so-called invisible world here, and blown the lid off Harvard’s covering up its unreality here. Recently, of course, Tulane professor John Armstrong has shown that advocates of the invisible world (under the technobabble “electromagnetism”) use phony math. In that post’s comment thread, mathematician Greg Friedman agrees, going further in saying that “the entire subject is a fiction.”

So – why are we celebrating this Hertz character? He has done more damage to science education in the English-speaking world than I care to imagine.

In fact, it hertz me to imagine.


13 thoughts on “Heinrich Hertz and the failures of natural science

  1. So if your car radio isn’t receiving invisible electromagnetic radio waves, how does it “know” what songs to play as you drive down the road?

    And if you park next to another car playing the same station, how do both of them “know” to play the same song if there’s nothing visibly connecting them to each other or to the radio station’s source?

  2. Well, NS? If there is no such thing as electromagnetic waves outside of the visible spectrum, how can all the car radios in a particular area be playing the exact same song simultaneously? How do they receive the information?

    And if, when you turn the dial to move from one station to another, you’re not tuning the receiver to different frequencies of invisible electromagnetic radio waves, what is actually happening?

    It’s one thing to say an established, working theory is wrong. Quite another to present a plausible alternative that you believe is more true.

    What’s yours? I’m sure we could all use a good laugh.

  3. Notedscholar, you can’t major in full-time trolling, and you certainly can’t host a seminar on it.

    What I was responding to was castel kennedy’s remark, which was not a grammatically correct sentence.

    ‘the last major disease science defeated was polio in there is hope’? What is that intended to mean.

    Good works… isn’t even a sentence.

  4. Angela, if you can’t handle the math, ask Tulane math professor John Armstrong for a tutorial. But you’ll probably have to pay!

    As for radios, there’s no confusion here. Anyone who has been to a children’s science center hands on museum knows that you can create radio effects even with cups and string. No need to invoke magic.

    Best wishes,

  5. Robesdesaixtare,

    You are hallucinating. I said nothing to you. You haven’t even commented here before.

    Stop talking about grammar. This is a science and math blog, not a literary criticism blog.

    Moderate wishes,

  6. You really expect us to believe you drive around with strings connecting your car to all the nearby radio stations?

    Your whole point in this post is that the “invisible world” of electromagnetic radio waves, whose frequencies are measured in Hertz, doesn’t exist. Countering that there is a visible way of connecting the source and destination of a signal (the radio station and your car) doesn’t tell us how you believe your car radio works, because you obviously aren’t driving around in a car with strings.

    So how do cars without strings all play the same songs on their radios?

  7. 😆 You’re the one who said radios work like cups with strings, not me. And the references to music are just examples of what can come out of radios, so you can substitue “talk shows” or “news” if you prefer.

    You’ll do anything to avoid giving a direct answer, won’t you? I’m sure your readers notice how empty your responses are, and therefore your ideas.

  8. Holy shiit this blog is:

    The most retarded shiit ever created by anyone

    Or just amazing trolling.

    But yeah NS your answers suck big balls because you have none to give.

    You are like a juggalo.

    Everything works not by science but by ways of pure motherfuucking magic.


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