Einstein = MCwrong; me = right

Science and Math Defeated Victorious!

You may recall several Internet trolls and haters doubting me here. That was almost exactly three years ago.  Well, just a few days ago the scholars at LAX and Time pointed out that, in fact, these trolls and haters should have been trolling and hating themselves, because, according to the scholars cited, Einstein was wrong.

An obscure source claims that scientists at “MIT” are dogmatically defending Einstein. Even if this is the case, I would just point out that “MIT” is the place that hired Noam Chomsky, whose major contribution to science is that it is possible to destroy mice testicles. Need I say more?


9 thoughts on “Einstein = MCwrong; me = right

  1. Hello again, NS.

    Since I was one of the “Internet trolls and haters” who tried to reveal the inanity of your claims against Einstein’s theories in the article you link to, it seems only fitting for me to point out the errors you made in this one, as well.

    I find it truly ironic that the first article you point to about Einstein being wrong (the LAX link) explains how he was wrong about being wrong… that is, what he thought was his greatest blunder (including a cosmological constant to allow for a static universe) turned out to be correct in describing what we now call “dark energy” — a mysterious force that is accelerating the expansion of the universe.

    Your second article (the Time link) is at least more pertinent, since it describes an experiment that seems to indicate neutrinos travel faster than light, which of course would invalidate Einstein’s theories. A more descriptive article appeared in Universe Today soon after that. This is really a good example of the scientific process in action… a group of scientists observe a result they can’t explain, and then open it up to the scientific community to either verify it or determine their error.

    On the same day as your post, and of the article from the “obscure source” you cite, there was also an article on Universe Today explaining how a timing error related to the motion of the GPS satellites used to measure the travel time of the neutrinos can account for the sixty nanosecond discrepancy. Again, it seems ironic that Einstein’s theory of Special Relativity, when applied to the GPS satellites, resolves an apparent conflict with his General Theory, and thereby validates both.

    Your reference to Chomsky seems completely off-topic, since he’s talking about a gene that affects the cerebral cortex in mice, but which could not be used to create a bigger cortex since it would also create bigger kidneys. I suppose, like usual, you’re trying to divert attention away from the obvious shortcomings of your logic by throwing in a humorously misrepresented non-sequitur.

    The truth is that people have been trying to disprove Einstein’s theories for a century now, without any success. In fact, just yesterday, Universe Today posted a podcast entitled Einstein Was Right. I haven’t actually watched it, since I have no doubts about the beauty and accuracy of his theories, but you might want to check it out, if only to help resolve your own trollish hatred of them.

    I happened to swing by your site a couple of months ago, just to see what new inanities you had come up with, and was glad to see that you hadn’t posted anything since the end of last year. I breathed a small sigh of releif that the general public had been spared your tirades of misinformation. When I checked again today, there you were again, trashing one of the greatest minds of history with more lies. I can only hope that no-one is stupid enough to believe them at face value.

  2. Unsuccessful perhaps, but an interesting contribution none the less. You have good friends, NS. And with friends like these, who needs sock-puppets?

  3. John,

    I would request that you post something more scientific. Your antics are beneath me.


    [EDIT: I deleted John’s remark in the interest of children who may read this blog]

  4. “I would request that you post something scientific. Your antics are beneath me.”

    The Rules of Science and Math Defeated, as inferred from notedscholar’s (henceforth referred to as His Holiness or similar) various posts over the years
    1. All ignorant bullshit on SMD must come from the Holy Mouth of His Holiness himself.
    1a. NS shall decry the use of techno-babble, but will use obscure English words or Latin phrases in order to make himself seem intelligent.
    2. All posts that do not blindly support NS, humorous or serious, will be ignored and deflected to avoid defacing His great image.
    3. If a post cannot be deflected sufficiently and may inconvenience His great plan, it shall be deleted.
    4. NS shall refute posts in one of several ways.
    4a. NS shall claim that the poster is using ad hominem attacks.
    4b. NS shall claim that he cannot understand what the poster is trying to say.
    4c. NS shall deliberately misinterpret the statement and make an apparently oblivious and innocent response.
    5. NS shall contradict himself strongly whilst discussing the Evolution/ID “controversy.”
    6. NS shall blatantly ignore both the laws of physics and mathematical proofs.
    7. NS shall portray himself as a brave savior of the math and sciences in order to disguise the satirical nature of this site.

    This list is available under the Creative Commons license, from Plague Industries, LLC.

  5. My dearest Plague,

    First let me remark the following comment: I engage my readers respectively and substantively. This cannot be said of my equivalents, e.g. PZ Myers or Jerry Coyne. Now, onto your list.

    1. There is no “dumb stuff” here. All the dumb comments don’t make it onto this blog, because the authors of such comments aren’t able to read!
    1a. Obscure English words and Latin phrases are not techno-babble, so this is not a criticism!
    2. I have ignored and deflected zero comments. But please not that there are now blind comments on this blog.
    3. I have deleted zero posts.
    6a. Sometimes people do hominem, so what is the sin in me pointing it out?
    7b. Should I claim to understand all things?!
    3r. Please tell me where I have misrepresented! Your accusations make me sad! I hope I have not offended anyone.
    15. This one is just below the belt. What you perceive as contradiction is probably my presentation of the other side, which by logical necessity is contrary to my side.
    8. I do not ignore any “laws” – but as Martin Luther said in his 99 catechisms, an unjust law is no law at all.
    7. Whether I am a “messiah” as you write is not for me to decide. I prefer to keep things lighthearted around here, as you note with your reference to “satire,” but that doesn’t make me a hero.


  6. I just came across this wonderfully awful blog. I’m not sure to take the author as a troll or just that ignorant. Funny either way. Keep up the good work.

  7. I presume this post was about the alleged faster than light neutrinos experiment whose results were announced in September of 2011?

    So what do you think of Einstein now that that allegation has been debunked? Why couldn’t you just keep your schlong in your pants and wait for a little longer before jumping to conclusions? Plus this just makes you look impatient, and perhaps even ignorant. The overwhelming experimental evidence for special relativity alone should be enough for people to gravely fear embracing anything which directly contradicts the theory too quickly.

    And where are your more recent posts? If you’re going to decry special relativity it seems to me like it’s rather important that you return to the subject somewhat frequently, particularly when the theory is re-confirmed through something you used to try to attack it.

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