NASA to announce discovery of alien life

Unlike the Church of Scientology and the U.S. Government, NASA is one cult yet to be breached by WikiLeaks. But it looks like NASA will be revealing one of its own secrets, this Thursday.

Readers may recall my trenchant criticism of NASA, here and here, which led to the Obama administration’s (wise) capitulation to my demands, here.

Well, if NASA demonstrates the existence of aliens, as indicated by the aforelinked link, then maybe the Outer Space program, virtually non-existent these days, can be redeemed. This also might finally give the SETI people something to do other than make movies.


8 thoughts on “NASA to announce discovery of alien life

  1. Wrong again.

    Sorry to keep “pestering” you, but I feel obliged to point out your lies to those who might think you are informed enough about what you claim to believe them.

    The actual announcement was “NASA will hold a news conference at 2 pm EST (1900 GMT) on Thursday, December 2, to discuss an astrobiology finding that will impact the search for evidence of extraterrestrial life.”

    While tomorrow’s announcement might be that evidence for alien life has been found, it will more likely be about something that impacts how we search for such life.

    NASA makes these kind of announcements all the time, to alert reporters and other representatives of the media that there will be something to report upon, so they can attend.

    Since this one involves astrobiology, it has created a buzz on the internet about what they might be announcing, but it is irresponsible of you to say that it will be the “discovery of alien life.”

    If you want me to stop pestering you, all you need to do is stop spreading lies.

  2. Miss Plume,

    People don’t need to think I’m informed at all, since I provide the evidence and the links.

    Your claim to inside knowledge of NASA is astounding. How do you know what is likely or unlikely for them to report? As for me, I’m just following the evidence. And, the logic of what would count as news. But logic has never been your strongest suit!

    Your dedicated desire to do nothing during your day but read my blog is quite disturbing. Please leave me alone and attend to your family!


  3. Wrong again, on three counts.

    No, I don’t have inside knowledge of NASA. That’s why I said “more likely to be,” which is an indication of probability. We’ve been looking for extraterrestrial life for decades, and finding clear evidence for it would be a major breakthrough impacting all of humanity. Our approaches to how we look for such life or evaluate potential evidence are constantly being refined, however, so their was a much higher probability that NASA’s announcement was regarding the latter rather than the former.

    So for you to claim that the announcement would be about the former, without any inidication of such from NASA and despite its low probability, was irresponsible in my opinion.

    Second, I do not spend all day reading this blog. You will note most of my posts are late at night or (like now) in the evening (it just started raining so I came in from working outside). It doesn’t take long to see what nonsence you’ve posted and whip off a reply, since your errors are often quite obvious.

    Thirdly, will you please get it through your head I am not a woman!

    Now, as you point out, all people really need are the evidence and the links, so I will provide a link to a report about the actual NASA announcement (and I’m sure there are many others out there). People can decide for themselves what is fact and what is hype.

    Link to Universe Today’s report on NASA’s announcement

  4. Angela (short for Plume),

    You say that we have been looking for aliens for decades – yet that why wouldn’t it be known. Um… are you serious? First, if we found aliens, then the purpose of NASA would be achieved and they would lose funding. It’s in their interest to claim that the search continues! Second, if it were announced, people would stop working at their jobs… demand would decrease and make the recession even worse than it was a few years ago when I originally posted this.

    Okay… so you only read my posts at night time… even sadder. Get some sleep! Read a book (preferably Dave Berlinski).

    You say, “Thirdly, will you please get it through your head I am not a woman!” Okay… let me make one thing clear… while I agree that gender is a social construct, I do not think you can just decide not to be a woman! Also, I regret sometimes making bad woman jokes on this blog; I think the genders are equal in many ways, although data recently has shown that women are smarter and do better in college. So I don’t know why you hate your gender so much. It is a bad example to women for one thing.

    Lastly, please don’t pollute my comment treads with links. They are sometimes marked as spam!

    I hope someday we can improve our friendship.


  5. Dave,

    The original foreshadowing of the announcement was leaked to the press. See my response to Angel Plume above to understand why NASA wouldn’t want to truthfully follow up. Also, they have fabricated things in the past, like the construction of the so-called Space Station.

    Cheers to yours,

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