Latest in brain science

Some frauds at the journal Science Daily have published a study seeking to show that what they call “the brain” (the wrinkly thing in skull) has to “spit” to stay alive. It oozes blood every now and then to get rid of “debris.”

This fantastical brain-of-the-gaps theory is an attempt to keep traditional brain science alive while the evidence becomes ever clearer that the human brain is located throughout the human body.

The silliest thing about this so-called breakthrough is that it actually only applies to mice. However, cognitive scientist Noam Chomsky has demonstrated why studies of mice are inapplicable to studies of humans:


3 thoughts on “Latest in brain science

  1. Question: If I can’t trust science about things like dark matter and evolution, why should I trust them about the brain suddenly being all throughout the body?

  2. Myrmidon,

    If you must know, I wouldn’t trust a scientist if she said my theory of the transbrain was true. I would consider this prima facie evidence that I had got something wrong.

    If nothing wrong presented itself, then I would assume the scientist was engaging in a disingenuous ploy to ride the wave of my (let’s admit, fairly obvious) discovery.

    Thanks for the interesting question; no one has posed it to me before.


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