Obama heeds my criticism of NASA

In March of 2009, I publicly lambasted President Obama for appointing an outer space fanatic to head NASA. The President called for another mission to the moon (yawn), but instead NASA bombed it for no reason. I got a lot of flack from the experts, including one commenter named “Basdv.”

Yet in response to my trenchant criticism (and NASA’s going off the deep-end), Obama changed his mind, basically eliminating NASA altogether. The space lobby even trotted out Neil Armstrong to make some statements, despite his suspicious identity. Without a manager, hopefully Houston will have another problem sooner than later.

UPDATE: Thousands of readers wrote in to condemn me for wishing that NASA would repeat the incident involving Jim Lovell. On the contrary, by “another problem” I mean an existential crisis for NASA itself.


2 thoughts on “Obama heeds my criticism of NASA

  1. nasa is bullshit. you couldn’t get a rock off the ground with the fake equations in your typical physics textbook. plus, you got to be an idiot to believe that they landed on the moon. in fact, if you approached an ancient man and told him that, he would probably kill you.

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