The latest scientific drivel

Tina Saey attempts to show that Westerners are inferior, which can’t be true since we gave us science, math, buildings, literature, food, and knowledge.

Scientists undermine their own consensus yet again, proving that oxygen is irrelevant to life.

The world continues to misunderstand naturalism. Everything, including oil spills, is the results of natural processes. Letting the oil gush into the Atlantic is the same as letting trees grow in a forest, or playing Frisbee, or birds building nests. No one but me seems to realize that “pollution” is an incoherent notion.


8 thoughts on “The latest scientific drivel

  1. It is amazing to me that more people don’t realize how silly the scientific community can be. Thanks for debunking the mainstream!

  2. Tina didn’t say that westerners are inferior. If you are referring to the neanderthal thing, Neanderthals actually had bigger brains then cro-magnon man did.

  3. Myrmidon:

    On the contrary, even if Tina doesn’t realize the implications of her research, those are the implications.

    Of course I’m referring to the Neanderthals. I take your point that they had bigger brains than the Cromagnons, but it’s not much of a defense to say they could be more inferior.

    Apparently I have taken you to school yet once again, my good friend from that weird website.


  4. I hope/think that you misdefine naturalism. Its standard definition is the belief that everything can be explained without resorting to supernatural forces, ie God.

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