My theory of the trans-brain, gaining momentum

My most dedicated readers will recall my groundbreaking work at the intersection of brain and pain studies. My major post on the topic is here. In that post I proffer myriad arguments and proofs that demonstrate conclusively that beyond a reasonable doubt the human mind/brain is located everywhere. The brain system (as I would say now, having developed the theory further) is analogous to other biological systems, e.g. the immune system or language system or digestive system. Even though mainstream science has obfuscated this truth, it is immediately obvious upon clear and distinct contemplation.

Just recently the New York Times published research verifying my findings, even drawing up a diagram eerily similar to my own. The upshot of the NYT study is that our “brains” don’t actually do all the thinking – our bodies think too! Furthermore, the NYT focused on the hardest case – abstract concepts. I had focused only on pain sensation, because in that case the transbody location of the brain is so obvious. But I am merely providing the shoulders for giants.

All of those who doubted in the comments of my post should be ashamed of themselves.


8 thoughts on “My theory of the trans-brain, gaining momentum

  1. At first I was skeptical, but then seeing the way that you handily defeated the chumps at Tv Tropes, and seeing how the media here verifies your points, makes me less so.

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