New study reveals even more evils of technology

Many, many, many, many studies recently proved that technology makes people more stupid by preventing them from focusing on one thing at a time.


5 thoughts on “New study reveals even more evils of technology

  1. What? Three of those news articles are on the same study. Don’t get me wrong, I agree with you here. How about you cite/read the actual papers describing these tendencies then shitty mainstream news articles.

  2. I might understand what you were saying if I wasn’t watching TV, talking to my wife, eating dinner, answering email, IM-ing, talking on the phone,petting the dog, and reading blogs all at the same time.

  3. while, you are not going to be pretty smart sitting glued to the television watching “PRogramming” designed on a level a a 4th grade english class.

  4. Are we better off as a worldwide culture. The Romans never established flight as we know it today, but had a worldwide empire. The Germans tried to get to the moon, as there is a new film that will be shown. An ancient Yugoslav civilisation, got to the Moon and Mars. How many attempts will be made and fail, to get space born. How many ancient civilisations come and gone, have attempted to get, some sort off grip on space. What about the effects, off being pushed to hard by relatives, to learn or get on ahead. Which could, cause families and people, to break down. Broken homes, total Christian breakdown. There are some benefits to technology, like predicting the weather. Or finding mineral resources. Or medical advances. There must be an easier way, is mankind going about things the hard way.

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