The robots are lying to us, and each other

We knew robots were smart. And we knew they were evil. But did we know they were dishonest? New research, linked in the last word of the previous sentence, shows that robotic technology tends toward lies. Now you might say, “The robots are lying to each other, not us.” But according to Professor Wendy Berry Mendes, lying to yourself is the same as lying to others. And according to Professor Robert Feldman, liars are everywhere. Ergos, lying robots, if allowed to “evolve” as the original article states, will eventually be everywhere, and lying to everyone. This is horrifying.

No matter what talking tomato guy thinks, we should definitely not give such robots “rights,” as if they were corporations. As I had to explain to him:

(1) We need less rights, not more.

(2) For example, corporations have rights, and they are much more intelligent than robots.

(3) But corporations shouldn’t have rights.

(4) Ergos, robots shouldn’t have rights

Quod Errata Demonstrum, moi amigoes.


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