Space: The irrelevant frontier

Obama has appointed an outer space fanatic to be the President of NASA. This means that we’re set to spend trillions more on floating around in space, as we have already. And get this: NASA wants to return to the moon. I’ll give one dollar to anyone who can name even fifty good findings from the moon. It was completely useless!


5 thoughts on “Space: The irrelevant frontier

  1. far into the future, it will become necessary for us to expand into space, not only for resources or living space, but to avoid being burnt to a crisp when our primary turns into a red giant

    although that’s assuming we survive, which is questionable… and in 4.5 billion years barring extinction our descendants could no longer be classified as human by our terms

    what has your blog accomplished? spewing more mindless, ignorant drek onto the internet? criticizing the accomplishments of brilliant minds that are responsible for every modern comfort you now enjoy, such as having a lifespan that exceeds thirty, plentiful food, antiseptics and tylenol for your headache, as opposed to trepanation?

    your attitude is an example of.. just, AGH.

    great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds

  2. 1) One of the greatest achievements of the 20th century.
    2) Prevented the USA from being humiliated by the soviets.
    3) Huge boost to the morale of the USA.
    4) Gave NASA experience to help with further space missions.
    5) Gave us moon rocks to help study the moon.
    6) New technology created by the preparations.
    7) Gave large numbers of people jobs while preparing
    8) Help inspire generations of astronomers.
    9) Advanced our understanding of science.
    10) Helped inspire lots of astronauts.

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