Charles Darwin’s Birthday; Obama’s Age of Reason; The Tunnel at the End of the Light

Consider this a more substantive follow-up to my previous post.

There is much self-congratulation going on in the scientific community these days. Just after CNN dealt a potential death blow to the field, Obama’s eerily populist inaugural speech proclaimed the coming omnipotence of “science,” using the positively monarchical language of putting it in its “rightful place.” Lion King, anyone? Perhaps Obama’s technocratic fantasy comes from reading too much Al Gore. As if this wasn’t enough to stimulate the egos of American scientists, Charles Darwin then went and had his 200th birthday. This has caused the biological community to engage in the most grotesque display of public intellectual masturbation I have ever seen. There aren’t enough words in the English language to hyperlink to every story which concerns itself solely with this completely insignificant and, frankly, morbid event. Honestly, the man has already ruined science education for the last 200 years – isn’t it time to let him rest in peace? Or, as my previous post demonstrated, pieces?

But one has to wonder how scientists could be so happy in a time like this. For one thing, global warming turns out to be way worse, and according to scientists, no amount of “hope” or “change” is going to stop it. Great. So during the coming apocalypse, scientists will be cheerful. Why? Because Obama has appointed them to positions of power.

And if that isn’t cynical and nihilistic enough for you, it turns out that the high priest of the New Physics, Stephen Hawking, is transforming into an Uncle Tom for the whole field. Apparently Hawking’s physical condition is finally catching up to him – he realizes what a pity it would be to waste his life following a sham subject. “Theory of Everything,” please. Leave theat to the theologians. I guess on this issue I have to declare my rare agreement with Hawking. But don’t think for a minute that this will stop the influence of Iranian sympathizer and collaborator Brian Greene. Apparently Hawking is going to make an announcement about his new-found nihilism to his colleagues. We’ll see how that goes. It looks like the meeting is going to include a full cast of ridiculous characters, including Nima Arkani-Hamed. Neverminding his obvious sympathies and collaborations, this ex-Professor works for the bizarrely non-descript “Institute for Advanced Studies.” Talk about a potential front. And what does he do there? He publishes ludicrous parodies of real science such as:

The Minimal Moose for a Little Higgs

Ghost Condensation and a Consistent Infrared Modification of Gravity

and worst of all:

A Theory of Dark Matter

Just think. This is where billions of your dollars are going to go in order to “stimulate” the economy. Are they going to help poor people get jobs? No. They are going to help an Iranian crank study moose, ghosts, and imaginary matter he (and everyone else) can’t even see.


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