My first guest post!

Mr. Subramaniam over at World Through Coloured Glasses invited me to write a guest post on his blog. His requested topic was “technology.” (No, not the Scientologist kind!) An interesting topic, not one I have written on before. I got to begin developing some of my ideas on, for example, the Internet and Wikipedia, and the implications they have for society, culture, and humans.

So you can read my guest post here. Any responses should probably be on his blog, not mine!


4 thoughts on “My first guest post!

  1. I like the word that you have coined “The Epistemic Sacrifice”.

    Interestingly someone asked me what is the cost of a space mission. Now a lot of the knowledge for the space program isn’t archived knowledge like the lumberjack example, but new knowledge. Usually there is cost involved with such knowledge that is put under the head of “intellectual property”. So the knowledge workers employed for doing research are paid for the new knowledge that they generate.

    That also brings us to the question, how valuable is the stored knowledge. Today if we lost wikipedia is that a big loss to humanity?

  2. Indeed. I love this blog 🙂

    I hated Science in school. One day at Borders I decided I needed a book. I bought Elegant Universe- a surprising choice for someone who regarded the subject at best with disinterest. That book marked the beginning of a new era… AD (after disinterest) if someone had only told me how much science and art relied on each other- I might have cared.

    Perhaps you and I can marry Art and Science between blogs one day. I’ll be back!


  3. Dear Ivs,

    Yes, intellectual property is a pressing concern. Ha-Joon Chang has interesting objections to the idea, especially in his book, called something like “Bad Samaritans: The myth of Capitalism and How Third World Nations suffer at the hands of the Rich.” Can’t remember the exact title, there are like eight releases of the book. But he think “intellectual property” hurts poor nations, because they cannot develop their industries like the rich nations could, before it was a crime to borrow ideas and thoughts.


  4. Dear Brazen Teacher:

    And how brazen you are!

    Thank you for your support of the blog! In gratitude I have linked to your blog in my “Unrelated Websites” section (for websites not directly about science or math).


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