9/11 Conspiracy and the War on Christmas

Some people don’t like Christmas. Twice. Or Chanukah.

But some people, who are (if you can believe it) even more shameless, have decided to capitalize on Christmas by opening the old wounds of terrorism. Here is the proof. Can you believe it? As if insulting science wasn’t enough, these people now want to insult Christmas! Well, some of us wish to keep our real science, and our real holidays.

pentagon       tower-picture1

The scientific pitfalls of this 9/11 conspiracy stuff are too numerous to count. There are more holes in 9/11 conspiracies than there are in the fossil record! Many people have pointed them out, including the international press. Like Dark Matter, 9/11 conspiracy theories get much of their impetus from works of fiction. It should be no wonder, then, that the vast overwhelming majority of academics in the movement are poets and Mormons. Imagine that! Scholars with the gall to tell us that Reformed Egyptian is a language have now decided that gravity proves conspiracies! Sure, and Jesus was a Native American. Anyway, let’s quickly go through some of the main claims of the 9/11 Truth Movement.

1) Buildings don’t obey gravity when they are hit by airplanes

This claim should make you queasy right off the bat. To base a broad overarching theory on something as shaky as gravity, which no one understands, is ludicrous. And in any case, consider the false dichotomy presented by “Jonathan” and the other conspiracy theorists: it was either airplanes, or it was the government. But surely any five year old can think of other alternatives, e.g., the buildings happened to fall down that day. Stranger things have happened. Why rule out this coincidence? Furthermore, perhaps Al Quaeda itself did a controlled demolition. That none of the conspiracy theorists have thought of this is incredible! Good one guys.

2) Science proves that 9/11 was a conspiracy

None of the theorists have the authority to say this. For one thing, the movement consists mainly of middle schoolers who don’t know how to express themselves. Honestly, is Dylan Avery still in diapers?

3) Dick Cheney planned 9/11 from a bunker. We know this from documents.

Nope. Go ahead, check for yourself.
So those are three of the major claims. They are incredibly easy to refute, as you can see, since I just refuted them. This won’t even be my longest blog post. Besides, several other commentators, including psychopaths, have refuted 9/11 conspiracy. That’s embarrassing for the movement.

And natural scientist Noam Chomsky has very, very succinctly refuted the basic premises of the movement. He has done this multiple times.

Anyhow, this Christmas, don’t get distracted by the war profiteers pushing 9/11 conspiracy. Dylan Avery, Jonathan Leland, Korey Rowe, the Mormon Church, and Jason Bermes, think they can make money of the birth of Jesus. I think that there’s enough profiteering during the holiday season. We don’t need it tarnished even more by the crazies.

17 thoughts on “9/11 Conspiracy and the War on Christmas

  1. We can agree to disagree on the “didn’t happen” part, but you do have some very refreshing points of view. The best to you and yours in 2009.

  2. Wow. It was really awesome to see you use so much hard science to prove your contentions, “notedscholar”. I particularly enjoyed you resorting to personal attacks on those you take issue with, such as Dylan Avery. That was a real stroke of genius. But just for us who clearly aren’t as “intelligent” as yourself, my dear “notedscholar”, this sort of argument – where you attack the person as a way of discrediting their argument, is known as a reductio ad absurdum argument. It is generally the last resort of the desperate and the inarticulate. But well done for going there straight off the bat. Classy choice.
    And as for the “whole scientific community” having discredited the 9/11 Truth claims, I’m sure that the myriad of building and aeronautical engineers, seismologists and historians that have published and appeared in documentaries on the subject are all just a bunch of raving loons payed off those a bunch of crazy left-wing liberals. Right? Right.

  3. Tomato Addict, you are indeed right. My mistake – it is an ad hominem fallacy. But I did not go on to contradict myself – I did not attack “notedscholar” personally. What I was attacking was his/her choice of behaviour and approach to argument. Not the same thing. I don’t know anything about “notedscholar” and am in no position to comment upon them personally. Which I why I was criticising their comments and not calling anyone out as a “crazy” or a “profiteer”.

  4. “But I did not go on to contradict myself …”

    Anthony: That was supposed to be a play-on-words, as reductio ad absurdum is also known as proof by contradiction. That is what I get for trying to be funny after midnight.

    I don’t agree that reductio ad absurdum is necessarily a weak argument though; If the argument is weak then the conclusion simply was not sufficiently absurd.

  5. Angry commentary as usual over here at your blog! Nice to see you’re riling up the readers.

    I had a dream the other night that you came onto my blog and left angry, unfounded rhetoric (for real I’m not making this up). I’ve never dreamed about a blogger before… creepy. I remember I was so sad too….


  6. i actually had thought that perhaps al queada had put bombs in the building but that actually seems more far fetched than someone with a high level security pass. In any case, the idea of the WTC collapsing at free fall speed from a plane hitting it doesn’t make scientific sense. There is a whole lot of building underneath the wound caused by the plane that has to be moved out of the way. also you made no mention of building 7. I’m not saying i know what happened but there are a lot of reasonable questions.

  7. He (the writer of this article) is not going to give you any answers because he simply doesnt know, is not able to know, or simply doesnt want to know. If you want to know wether 9/11 was an inside job or not, simply just look at the aftermath. War on Iraq.
    If i was a president of a country that has been hit by real terrorists under my nose (we are not talking about a bomb right now we are talking about smth huge), i would FIND the one responsible and i would have hanged him outside the white house…..
    well nada.

    ps: you dont need university degrees, you dont need to be scholar or anything, you just need common sense and will to look at the facts.

    ps.1: something tells me after the presidency of Obama, Osama Bin Laden will be put down from the dusty shelf, will be placed in Iran and .. well u know the rest.

  8. Wow, that invisible/hidden link in “1) Buildings don’t obey gravity when they are hit by airplanes [sic]” was all you needed to post if you wanted to help people to understand 9/11.

    Instead, you make it nearly impossible for people to think their way out of the paper bags that are the official lies of 9/11, by turning them 180 degrees: FYI, “19 hijackers” is the most ridiculous conspiracy theory of all time! Yet you dislabel those folks who do NOT cling to that wild conspiracy theory as conspiracy theorists!

    Anyway, once I found that hidden Free-Fall Physics link (which is pretty good, by the way; thanks for including it, but no thanks for hiding it like that!), it led me to the only worthwhile SCIENTIFIC THEORY of the highly unconventional happenings at “”Ground Zero”” that I’ve ever seen: http://911u.org/Physics/WTCenergySurplus.html

    Clearly, science has been defeated, by all the supposed-professors of physics at every so-called educational institution, who lie by omission, by remaining complicitly silent rather than professing the physics which makes it clear that the Official Government Conspiracy Theory of 9/11 is physically impossibly false, and thus must be ruled out as a possible explanation for what really occurred.

  9. Mrs. Bosco,

    Thank you for the kind comment regarding scientific proof. Generally I try to ground my view in the hard stuff of evidence.

    I am glad you enjoyed your hallucination of these “personal attacks” that reduced my opponents’ arguments to absurdities. But I hate to say it, these didn’t occur in my post!

    As for the scientific community, as far as I know, there is this consensus. I haven’t seen evidence to the contrary. Usually the signers on truther publications are poets, dog trainers, etc. And the most prominent engineers turn out to be Mormons, which reduces intellectual credibility to near zero (maybe to 3 or so). Mormons have such low standards for evidence that they believe, for example, that underwear can protect you.


  10. Dear SirRankerous,

    The point about gravity has been debunked 18000 times, especially by Popular Mechanics.

    Also, I can never tell what the significance of Building 7 is. All the evidence one needs is available in public sources, e.g. Wikipedia.


  11. Dear Prometheus,

    Your logic is convoluted. You infer that if someone benefited from or took advantage of a tragedy, then we have evidence of responsibility. By this logic, environmentalists cause all oil spills. Indeed, analyst Rush Limbaugh has suggested as much!


  12. Mrs. Holmes,

    I simply cannot understand your comment, no matter how many times I reread it. You appear to be thanking me, yet you also seem to have conclusions diverging from mine.


  13. notedscholar, you are not as smart as i thought. i changed my mind about you.

    i want you to run the official story back in your mind and see how ridiculuous it sounds.

    several arab terrorist who played flight simulator on PC developed the necessary skill to hijacked 2 commercial plane full of passengers, magically bypassed air traffic control and u.s military, then manuvered the jet into perfect position to collapse a structurally inforced buidling build to handle huricanne high wind, possible earthquakes, and most of all, fire, in a vegas casion demolition event designed to miniimize collateral damager. and they told you that the third building collapsed because of residual shocks and fire? ha.. ha.. ha..

    get real.

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